Joensuu supports start-ups and entrepreneurs

We love entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are provided with excellent support in the area of Joensuu

  • There are many operators ready to support businesses
  • The Science Park Ltd. annually arranges the biggest business idea competition (Start me up) in Finland
  • Entrepreneurial education is provided starting at an early age
  • Read more from our page Path to the entrepreneurship

Collaborative companies in Global Education Park Finland

Below we introduce a few Finnish companies who play significant role in providing educational excellence both across the globe and locally during Joensuu visits.

Arbonaut Arbonaut is a Finnish technology company specialized in geographic information systems and digital service development globally. Arbonaut also provides short-term trainings and capacity building workshops in the field of natural resource management, forest inventory and geographic information capitalization.
Arcusys Valamis is an internationally growing IT company specialized in the digitalization of learning. The company was recently listed in Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites as a Representative Vendor of the product Valamis. Valamis’ customers are large organizations in both private and public sectors.
BioAcademy BioAcademy Finland is a fresh future oriented Academy located in Finland owned by highly recognized and experienced academic professors and teachers and having a wide pool of experts and teachers from business life, policy and academy. Their expertise is on Bioeconomy; focused on Natural resources management and forestry, green economy, renewable energy, biochemistry and climate change; strategies, policy, interenational education and training as well as research and development projects.
eduKarjala eduKarjala is a private training company from Finland, working closely with schools and Finnish academic world. Their staff members are working as professional education experts and as principals and teachers in public, high quality education institutions. Their slogan, “Smile with us :-)” means that they want to see happy customers. High quality has a big meaning for them!
eduKarjala EduVirma offers services in relation to education and working life. Consultation and coaching offered by EduVirma support cooperation between companies and schools, namely primary and secondary schools. EduVirma focuses to the customer to begin such cooperation and/or to maintain it.
Finland University Finland University combines the power of leading Finnish research universities: the universities of Eastern Finland, Tampere, Turku, and Åbo Akademi, each in the top 2% of global university rankings. Together the universities have 78 500 full-time degree students and 900 professors.
Keeduu Keeduu combines two things Finns are good at: making mobile games and learning. It is designed by Finnish teachers, principals and mobile game makers. Keeduu was founded for the need of proper learning solution. They wanted to put together learning content, games and pedagogy. They think that every child has an ability to learn, if the content and the methods are right.
Solenovo Solenovo Oy is a software company providing browser-based services and resource management solutions. Solenovo is an an innovative and long-term partner to their customers, capable of providing products applying leading technology, and customer-specific and flexible services. The most important customers are in the educational sector, as well as in public administration.
Ubium Ubium is a team of dreamers who decided to join their different talents to help organizations and individuals to grow by expressing, discovering and learning within their surroundings while sharing their special uniqueness.
Verkkokurssikone Verkkokurssikone is an easy and versatile service to build online courses. The service includes a web store which makes selling the online courses easy.

Learning environments

Lekolar The Lekolar group provides schools, pre-schools and nurseries with furniture, equipment, playground, educational material, games and hobby products as well as consumable goods. They have the widest selection on the market with around 20 000 selected products.
Modeo Modeo is a Finnish nationwide business-to-business furniture supplier offering a broad selection of Scandinavian style design furniture at various price points.

Supplementary program providers

Karu Survival Karu Survival is a small company focused on providing the customers exotic experiences in Finnish nature teaching them wilderness and survival skills.
Karelia Expert

Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd. is the regional organization of tourism in North Karelia. It´s a destination management company with local knowledge, expertise and resources. Karelia Expert is responsible for the destination marketing and product development. VisitKarelia Sales Oy is a subsidiary of Karelia Expert. It has over 200 cottages and apartments for rent in North Karelia region. Approximately 100 cottages are situated in Koli Holiday Resort, the most famous National Landscape in Finland. VisitKarelia Sales organises also tours for groups and companies.