An introduction to a number of forest expert institutes that produce excellent research and inspiring innovations

An unique concentration of forest-based research & innovations

  • Forest bioeconomics is the most important sector in the region. The sector employs about 6000 people in different companies. Moreover, there are more than 600 experts (researchers, trainers, developers) working in the field in various related organisations.
  • As the forestry capital of Europe, we have an unique concentration of forest-based research. Support for your development work is guaranteed!
  • When scrolling down, we introduce an impressive array of forestry research and innovation actors from the region. The best part is that they all co-operate and work together towards better results.

One example of this shared commitment is the GreenHUB Open innovation platform:

  • GreenHUB is a community of experts in which the best experts in our region solve challenges related to a company’s business alongside that company.
  • You are invited to find out the best solutions for your development needs. Through a GreenHUB expert you are able to contact any of these actors below. Please, use the contact form.

All of these actors are involved:

  • Natural resources institute Finland (LUKE)
  • Education institutes (UEF, Karelia, Riveria)
  • European Forest Institute (EFI)
  • Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
  • Business Joensuu / Joensuu Science Park Ltd
  • Institute of Photonics + Forest & Photonics -innovation platform

1. Natural resources institute Finland (LUKE)

Wide range of authority and expert services.

A research and expert organization with knowledge in renewable natural resources and sustainable food production. The research programmes aim to create:

  • new bio-based products
  • new business opportunities
  • increase productivity by digitalization
  • support regional vitality by circular economy
  • create well-being from immaterial values
  • support the profitability of healthy food production

The institute is the responsible to carrying out statutory government work such as monitoring the natural resources, plant production certification, inspection of control agents, storage of genetic resources, the production of data on greenhouse gases emissions and produce Finland’s official food and natural resource statistics. Luke is located throughout all Finland. Joensuu Unit is the central location of the Eastern Unit.

Read more from Luke’s webpage.

2. Education institutes

Strong teamwork towards the common goal

  • All of the region’s educational institutions related to the study and research of forestry and environmental management work in co-operation, towards the best research and innovation results.
  • The most significant educational institutes in the region are The University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and the forestry college Valtimo. Learn more about these institutes from our page forestry education.
  • The main strength of the forest and wood-based bioeconomy is its true multidisciplinary nature and diverse expertise.

Highlighted facts from the Educational institutes:

  • The School of Forest Sciences is globally recognised as one of the important schools related to the study and research of forestry and environmental management. It plays a significant role in research activities as collaborating with international, national and local actors, including companies. The areas of research are: forest ecology and pathology, forest management and ecosystem services, forest mensuration and planning, forest technology and energy technology, forest economy and politics, and wood science and technology.
  • The Karelia University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in bioeconomy-related research, development and innovation activities. Karelia UAS provides education services in the following key areas:
    • Wood construction (materials, business opportunities, energy efficiency)
    • Renewable energy (forest bioeconomy, heat and power)

3. European Forest Institute (EFI)

A unique position to provide collective science-based insights at European and regional level to support informed policy making.

  • The aims of EFI are conducting research and provide policy support on issues related to forests
  • The headquarters of European Forest Institute (EFI) is located in Joensuu
  • 25 European member States, Affiliate members (outside of Europe): USA, Canada, P.R. China
  • 116 member organisations in 36 countries
  • Read more from EFI’s webpage.

4. Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Building solutions for a sustainable society

  • SYKE is a broad-based research and expert institute. SYKE works with decision-makers, companies, municipalities and citizens in numerous Finnish and international networks.
  • SYKE researches environmental changes and their backgrounds, as well as search for methods to resolve problems.
  • SYKE tackles significant environmental problems such as climate change and the adequacy of natural resources. They predict future events and changes and spearhead initiatives with successful trials.
  • Hundreds of research projects are underway.
  • The expertise is of a high standard.
  • Read more from the webpage of SYKE.

5. Joensuu Science Park Ltd

Activating new innovations based on networking of companies and experts in research organizations

  • Joensuu Science Park Ltd. was established in 1990 to offer high-quality facility services and business development services to support company growth in an innovative and developing environment.
  • The current focus areas are forest based bioeconomy, key enabling techonologies (especially photonics), ICT & game sector.
  • Also the experts of Green HUB- Open innovation platform are located in Joensuu Science Park Ltd.
  • Read more from the webpage of Joensuu Science Park Ltd.

6. The Institute of Photonics + Forest & Photonics innovation platform

The top excellence in photonics is concentrated in Joensuu.

  • Photonics is a disruptive technology that fulfils its potential when combined with other fields.
  • Several photonics companies, as well as photonics education and development organisations, are located in Joensuu.
  • Together they form an internationally remarkable concentration of companies and research, which is known as leading unit throughout Europe.
  • New applications are continually being discovered, and growth projections are remarkable.
  • The Institute of Photonics combines all research and education in optics and photonics at the University of Eastern Finland. It provides a unique combination of expertise and facilities related to photonics.
  • The Forest & Photonics innovation platform is located in Joensuu Science Park. This platform is a link to the whole regional photonics network. Everyone involved to the co-operatively strives towards inspiring innovations!
  • The innovation team arranges an annual event, Forest & Photonics.
  • The internationally acclaimed event brings businesses, academia and developers together to share new technological solutions, challenges and opportunities in the fields of photonics and forestry.
  • There are hundreds of excellent solutions ready to assist you to improve your local development.
  • Read more from the UEF’s webpage of the Institute of Photonics.