In the regions forestry economy, we have 6000 employees, 600 experts and 500 companies

Companies from the region of the Forest capital of Europe

A significant part of Finnish success stories in forest bioeconomy relies on the strong knowledge base, vibrant companies and the smooth operating environment of North Karelia. Meeting people is exceptionally easy because everyone is physically close to each other and the atmosphere of co-operation is great.

  • There are more than 600 experts, 500 companies and 6000 employees in the region working for the forest bioeconomy
  • We warmly welcome you to visit us to find out the best possible partners and practices for your needs
  • Hundreds of excellent solutions await, and are ready to serve your local development

University of Eastern Finland has produced a material and presentation regarding forest bioeconomy sector in Joensuu region. As a part of the Master’s Degree Program in Wood Materials Science Arnau Martorell Sala has formed the following documents: presentation | material

As an example of excellent companies, here is a list of businesses that we invite you to familiarise yourself with:


Technology & Services

Arbonaut Arbonaut is a Finnish technology company specialized in geographic information systems and digital service development globally. They also provide short-term trainings and capacity building workshops in the field of natural resource management, forest inventory and geographic information capitalization. Arbonaut collaborates with universities and research centres internationally. Various NGO’s and public organizations in countries such as Nepal, Tanzania, Cameroon, Peru or Russia, have made use of their expertise.
Bitcomp Bitcomp oy offers geographic information software solutions as well as spatial information databases and analyses as a service. Throughout ten years, they have been delivering information systems for enterprise resource planning regarding natural resources.
John Deere John Deere Forestry Oy has been manufacturing forest machines since 1972 in Joensuu in Finland. The company, previously named Timberjack, became part of the Deere & Company in 2000. The company employs about 700 people in Finland. The product development of forest machines is in Tampere and more than 90% of the John Deere wheeled harvesters and forwarders are exported. Finnish forest machine expertise, innovative products and services have created hundreds of jobs for Finland and the company’s success in the international market. More than 50% of the factory’s direct purchases come from Finnish suppliers, and with its own sub-production, the John Deere forest machines have a domestic degree of 80%. A short video about John Deere Forestry.
Kesla Kesla, the multitalent in forest technology, is a manufacturing corporation specializing in the design, marketing and manufacture of forest technology – from stump to mill. The product line consists of forest machine cranes, tractor forest equipment, harvester heads, chippers, grapples and truck & stationary cranes.
Konekorjaamo Riikonen RIIKO® products, which have been tailored for contracting needs has made the machine repair shop well-known. Furnishing for gravel or wood handling as well as other innovative structures for lorries make a commercial vehicle versatile and productive. The Energy Trailer also belongs to RIIKO® product family. The RIIKO® tail assembly stand is an excellent example of the company’s product development work, which is carried out in co-operation, according to contractors’ wishes.
Konepaja Antti Ranta Konepaja Antti Ranta Oy is specialized on production of LIPE hydraulic trailers for transportation of free-flowing goods. Established in 1977, the company is a pioneer in sphere of trailer making based on its long experience and technical perfection. Konepaja Antti Ranta Oy is using in production tested in northern conditions construction solutions. Influence of snow and cold combined with high exploitation loads are taken into account in process of production.
Mantsinen Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy’s operations are divided into two business units – material handlers and logistic services. They provides a wide range of hydraulic material handlers and complementing attachments. Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy focuses on designing machines that are economical and ecological without compromising safety. The Mantsinen Method combines hydraulic material handlers, efficient internal transportation and well-trained operators and service team to provide unparalled efficiency and flexibility. Their services are an integrated part of customer’s logistic chain and can be scaled upwards or downwards depending on customer needs.
Outokummun Metalli Outokummun Metalli manufactures harvester head frames sold under the John Deere and Waratah brands and their spare parts. At Outokummun Metalli’s plant the frames of harvester heads are produced mechanically, including welding, machining, painting and assembly. In addition to harvester heads, Outokummun Metalli manufactures VAHVA products, including Vahva grapples for forwarders and excavators.
Pentin Paja Pentin Paja is specialised in developing and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for small wood handling. The company sells over 10 different models of stroke harvesters, felling heads, energy wood heads, and uprooters under the Naarva brand name. Naarva products are used for various purposes, including energy wood harvesting, first thinning, removal of problem trees, cleaning of seedling stands, as well as for clearing of road shoulders and field edges.
Veekmas Veekmas Ltd is the Nordic countries’ only motor grader manufacturer and a pioneer in the motor grader technology. The company has specialised in the engineering, manufacturing and product development of high-class motor graders since 1982. Veekmas motor graders have been designed for the demanding conditions in the Nordic countries but also low-profile underground motor graders have been delivered to mines all over the world.
Waratah Waratah has proudly served the global forestry industry for more than 40 years, pioneering mechanized harvesting with first-class products of distinct quality, durability, and reliability paired with unparalleled customer support. They manufacture at state-of-the-art factories located in New Zealand and Finland, and are dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative, and proven products developed with customer-driven focus.

Forest Industry

Anaika Wood Anaika Wood sources the finest spruce from the Savo region and Central Finland with a straight trunk and sound knots. Their solid pine has a beautiful structure and comes from Karelia in Eastern Finland. They process wood material into sawn timber, planed sawn timber and gluelam. The by-products include wood shavings for use as litter for domestic animals and pets, and sawdust and woodchip for paper mills and heating plants.
Enocell Stora Enso Biomaterials Division’s Enocell Mill is located in Uimaharju, next to Joensuu in eastern Finland. The mill produces softwood pulp and dissolving pulp from the main species of Finnish forests, i.e. pine, spruce and birch. Dissolving pulp is a specific type of wood pulp characterized by its high cellulose content, and it is mostly sold for textile applications. In 2017 the company decided to invest 52 million EUR in Enocell Mill to increase the dissolving pulp opportunities in order to meet the growing demand. The whole mill area employs over 350 people including the supply chain from forest to factory.
Lunawood Lunawood is an innovative pioneer in the thermal modification of wood and has grown to be the global Thermowood® market leader. The company’s status is based on the quality of its products and its reliable customer service. Lunawood Thermowood is sourced from well managed and sustainable forests in Finland and the products are attractive, durable and non-toxic.
Iivari Mononen Iivari Mononen Group provides a wide range of high-quality solutions for building and utility networks. Our products and services cover the full life-cycle of the networks. The group consists of four top-quality brands: Scanpole, BBH, PrimaTimber and Exsane. Scanpole is one of the leading pole producers in Europe and BBH products include high quality fence posts used in agriculture. PrimaTimber is a producer of pressure treated timber for building and construction. Exsane offers a wide range of services for infrastructure networks.

UPM Joensuu plywood mill produces WISA birch plywood mainly for the transportation industry and shipbuilding (LNG).