A wide range of institutes offering structured cultural & physical education


  • The basic education of art is structured pedagogical education for the different fields of art: architecture, visual arts, handcrafts, media arts, music, dance, circus, theatre and literary art.
  • The Finnish national agency for education has set the curriculum for the general and extensive learning content education programmes.
  • The newest curriculum was published in the year 2017.
  • In the Joensuu area, it is possible to have studies from all of these art fields. Here are a few examples:


Professional music education from babies to professionals

  • The area’s biggest music education institution is established in the year 1968.
  • The professional educators teach over 1,000 students
  • The programme selection ranges from early age music education until the adult students enroll in a vocational upper secondary education
  • Through a vocational qualification programme (180 credits), the students ascend to becoming professional musicians
  • The music campus is focused on the fields of art jazz, pop jazz and folk music.
  • The music institute has a significant role as an event and concert producer in the city of Joensuu
  • Annually the institute produces over 800 performances and concerts


Structured culture education outside the school building

  • The Stream of Culture structured cultural education programme enables pupils experiencing art and culture during every school year throughout the basic education.
  • The programme ensures that all the pupils have the opportunity to access the city’s wide range of cultural activities.
  • According to the structured programme, the pupils are taken to, for example, a City Orchestra Concert, art museum and media workshop, for instance.
  • The programme supports a wide range of learning objectives of the curriculum.
  • The Children’s Cultural Center of Joensuu is implementing the programme in co-operation with the city of Joensuu’s culture services, youth services, sport services and early and basic education.
  • Every school has its own cultural contact person.


Public libraries support learning targers widely

  • The libraries co-operate with schools, day care, youth work and parents
  • Public library services supplement school library services and library visits are an essential part of the school curriculum. In many areas, the public library equals the school library.
  • Library bus/mobile library service reaches every school regularly even in the most remote areas.
  • Every 0-9 school has a nominated library contact person.
  • Public libraries promote reading and literacy and participate in teaching of information, digital and media literacy skills.
  • The library personnel visits schools and kindergartens for book talks and library introductions.
  • The public library is a meeting place and cultural centre outside the children and young adult school hours. Events and activities are carried out during the school year, but also during vacations.
  • In addition to books, libraries stock a vast array of e-books, movies, music and even board games or sport equipment
  • Computers, gaming consoles as well as tablets are at children’s disposal
  • Getting a library card and services such as borrowing or reserving material are free of charge
  • All library events are free of charge


The Academy of Fine Arts has a decades-long tradition offering quality art education for the young students

  • The academy of Fine Arts is called Pekkala
  • The academy arranges pedagogically structured teaching of visual art for young students (ages 4-20)
  • The teaching follows the national curriculum criteria approved by the National Board of Education based on the regulation and the law on basic art education
  • 700 students participating
  • The academy is located in a historically valued area which is described as an artists’ residence
  • The academy is maintained by the Community College of the Joensuu area


The centre enhancing everyone’s opportunities to explore new personal or professional educational areas

  • The community college of the Joensuu area is a non-profit organisation owned and maintained by the city of Joensuu.
  • The institute is among the top 6 largest non-formal adult education centres in Finland:
    • 22,000 students on 160 teaching sites.
    • Annually providing 46,000 hours of teaching and running about 1,900 courses
    • The wide course selection offers a huge range of education from the fields of art as well as from a large selection of other fields.


The Place to study, work and train for those who aim high

  • An unique environment in which to combine your studies and goal-oriented training.
  • The academy is based on a cooperation network supporting young athletes.
  • The network consists of educational institutions and local sports associations and clubs.
  • The prerequisites for Academy admission are the enrolment as a student in one of the network’s education institutes and the fulfilment of certain athletic criteria.
  • All academy activities are organised by Joensuu City Office of Municipal Sports Services in close cooperation with the network.

The region of Joensuu has a rich cultural field

From basketball to biathlon and hard rock

In addition to the high level of educational competence, Joensuu area has a living culture field offering a wide range of events annually. You are warmly welcome to combine your educational visit with genuine Finnish experiences. We invite you to read more about the city of Joensuu and about the recommended travel tips from our related webpages.