Services for international educational experts to promote lifelong learning

Creating lifelong development

Services for international educational experts to promote lifelong learning


Examples of the service themes:


1. Lifelong learning in the Finnish education system

Learn how to make the principle realistic in practical implementations

  • The programme is designed for teaching professionals
  • Finnish teaching methods are based on the principle of lifelong learning
  • The education system strives to offer equal opportunities to everyone
  • The introduction course includes informative lessons about the theme in Finnish schools
  • Visitors receive a thorough overview of the guiding principles and practical implementations of our education system
  • Examples of learning possibilities for adults: Upper secondary education for adults and The centre of adult education
  • The course includes also school visits and workshop processing.

2. Maintaining the wellbeing of personnel

Your personnel’s wellbeing is key when creating functional and successful school activities

  • The programme is designed for principals, directors and supervisors of educational institutions
  • You are invited to learn about our excellent policies regarding:
    • Managing the work community
    • Managing, guiding and supporting individual teachers, their wellbeing and their professional development
    • Functional methods for self-management in a school administrator position
  • Learn how to successfully lead your personnel’s wellbeing at work

3. Continuous teacher training in Finland

The key for Finland’s educational success is referring especially to the excellent teachers

  • The programme is designed for teaching professionals
  • Finnish teachers are world-renowned leaders in their field, and they are highly respected both nationally and globally.
  • Find out how we maintain proficiency among teachers throughout their careers in the quickly digitalising world with excellent continuous training.
  • Learn about manager’s role in the continuous teacher training
  • The training process, development and structure

4. Organising & administrating the education department

Learn to improve your education institution’s management process

  • The programme is designed for teaching professionals
  • Learn to improve the processes of:
  • Organising in the administration of the educational administration
  • Teaming up the personnel of the department
  • Pedagogical leadership (administration of staff)
  • Curriculum developing work
  • Hour distribution

5. Administrative arrangements of Finnish education system

Get inspired by diverse and high quality leadership of education

  • The programme is designed for educational administration, education providers and planners, officials, principals
  • Learn about the processes related to:
  • Admininstration, development of leadership and Leadership at school, principal’s typical day
  • Leadership of lower and upper secondary schools
  • Software and tools in administration
  • LEAN -thinking in school administration
  • Co-operative planning in practice
  • Self-management & wellbeing of the principal
  • Meeting practises
  • Human resource management
  • Functional work, e.g. Gallery Walk

6. An active and innovative village school network as the foundation for a viable countryside

Quality village school teaching is also needed in the era of urbanisation  

It is significant that rural schools remain vibrant and also provide the basis for a good life in this era of urbanisation. Schools create communality and often function as the heart of the whole village. In the country of Finland, there are only a few experts in the subject. One of the rare outstanding specialists is actively working in schools in the region of Joensuu – and is available for the purposes of our course.


Find out how modern quality teaching can be implemented in rural areas:

  • The one week course is designed for teachers;
  • The course includes informative lessons about the theme of village schools in today’s world;
  • The course has been developed with the principle ‘from theory to practice’;
  • The proven methods of village school pedagogies are introduced;
  • Visitors are able to join us on a sightseeing tour of our inspirational village schools;
  • The visits will expand participants’ knowledge regarding the specific focus areas of schools, for example:
  • Functional multi-age and multi-grade instruction;
  • All the basic education grades 1-9 successfully integrated at the same village school;
  • Cosy and safe learning environment from the standpoint of the close community interaction;
  • Continuous utilisation of the surrounding nature as a learning laboratory;
  • The school as the heart of the village community’s events and activities.

7. Language learning

Learning foreign languages can be fun and motivating

  • The programme is designed for educational professionals interested in language learning
  • The emphasis of the programme is on foreign language learning
  • The foreign language curriculum and teaching structure
  • The comprehensive learning system combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology
  • Participants are familiarising themselves with motivating and effective methods in language learning
  • Functional and drama-based learning; good practices
  • Used tools, materials, learning games and suitable applications


8. Multicultural teaching

Empathizing and experiential learning as a part of community education

  • The programme is designed for educational professionals working with multicultural students
  • Learn about the inspiring methods related to:
  • Community and cultural diversity
  • Functional and drama-based learning and good practices
    • e.g. “Gotta go, gotta get along” education
    • functional language teaching
    • community and cultural diversity workshops
    • theatre-based methods and practices

9. Multilingual teaching

Learn about bilingually enriched learning throughout basic education studies

  • The programme is designed for teaching professionals interested in language enriched learning
  • The course themes:
  • Introduction to the pedagogy of multilingual teaching
  • Getting to know the bilingual study routes via English or Russian language
  • Introduction to the pedagogy of Finnish as a second language
  • Familiarising participats with the inclusive basic education classes of students with multilingual backgrounds

10. Building a model for entrepreneurship education

Learn to create a funtional structure for your organisation’s benefit


  • The course is designed for schools and businesses
  • The course offers an introduction to a wide diversity of models that can be used to support and carry out entrepreneurship education
  • The models are divided into various processes on the basis of research results, experience and expert opinions
  • The training and consulting services are offered by EduVirma for institutions and businesses interested in entrepreneurship education
  • The company tailors the services accordingly to meet the needs of each client
  • The chosen methods are customised to your organisation and team
  • The length of the training services varies from one day courses to longer training periods
  • EduVirma is well connected to expert networks. The services are produced collaboration with te actors of the network.
  • Read more from the webpage of EduVirma.

11. Path to the entrepreneurship

Learn how the entrepreneurial education is provided from an early age in the region of Joensuu

  • Discover the guidelines about systematic support for pupils’ entrepreneurial growth
  • Learn how children can be familiarised with the themes related to the entrepreneurship already from the early years
  • How the systematic program is created through basic education?
  • After the basic education, every institution in the region has  several studies and projects for students that guide their path towards entrepreneurship
  • Learn about the inspiring concepts:
  • Me & My city concept, Joensuu Race, The Godfather companies, Related optional studies
  • Visits to companies and the Business incubator of Science park of Joensuu

12. Creating a safe school

Learn to prepate and plan for crisis or challenges in a school life

  • The programme is designed for educational professionals, principals, supervisors and managers
  • Learn about the themes and actions related to:
  • The active teamwork with police
  • The active teamwork with fire department
  • Every school’s individual Crisis plan
  • Families’ divorces and a professional dealing with them
  • Other crisis in pupils’ family life
  • Bullying issues
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Taking into custody

13. The early & pre-school education

Familiarise yourself with the world-famous Finnish early education


  • The programme is designed for early education professionals
  • Learn about the Finnish early education system and pedagogically well structured learning methods
  • Early education is curriculum based learning for children between 0-6 years
  • Usually early education is arranged within daycare services
  • Every child has an equal right to participate to the early education
  • Only pre-school education (for six-year-olds) is part of the obligatory education system
  • Approximately 70 percent of the Finnish children’s population participate to daycare services
  • Learm about the principles, used learning pedagogies and methods
  • Visit the daycare centers and different learning environments


14. The positive pedagogy method in the early education

Learn the best tips on how to learn positively by emphasising the strengths of children

  • The programme is designed for early educational professionals
  • Learn about the inspiring method of doing everyday work through a positive interaction
  • According to the pedagogy, professionals help the children recognise their own strengths, and teach them how to use them as an everyday benefit
  • The daycare staff members ensures that children receive positive feedback, they get close contact with adults and their skills are noticed
  • Attention is paid especially to good behaviour and positive experiences, not for the challenges
  • Through positive guidance, the development of children’s self-esteem and identity is widely supported
  • All early educators in Joensuu have received training for the method of positive pedagogy
  • Discover the practical every day implementations with us
  • Observe through daycare visits, how positive pedagogy is present in our kindergartens

15. Equal school for everyone

Discover how equal learning possibilities are arranged for all the pupils

  • The programme is designed for educational professionals
  • Learn about Finnish education policies regarding to the principle of equal school
  • Learn about the used models related to inclusive education and integration
  • Discover the ways to support everyone’s individuality: gifted students, optional studies, special classes
  • Individual learning plans and learning paths
  • The support for families collaborating with school
  • Supporting the integration of immigrants (The Family school model)

16. Arranging the special need support for pupils

Discover the excellent Finnish practises regarding to the special needs education

  • The programme is designed for class teachers, subject teachers, special teachers, counsellors
  • Learn about Finnish education policies regarding to a special needs education
  • The basic principle is to offer equal learning possibilities for all
  • Every pupil is an individual learner and every one’s learning process in supported
  • Learn about the Three step support system and observe the practical implementations
  • The structure and variety of student welfare services
  • Practises for the needs of demanding special support
    • The plan for specialized medical care
    • The Hospital school model
  • Rehabilitation practises
  • Clubs and support arrangements by associations

17. Mindfulness as a part of school day

Wellbeing of the pupils’ and personnel’ brings good learning results

  • The programme is designed for education professionals
  • Learn about the principles and practical implementations related to:
  • Well-being of staff
  • Positive pedagogy
  • Practising the awareness skills enhance the concentration of pupils’
  • Awareness skills as a part of school day
    • mindfulness
    • relaxation
    • yoga
    • dance
  • Interventions for interference situations
    • e.g. the beginning of the lesson, recess

18. Versatile path of culture education

Familiarising the children with the variety of culture services in an early education

  • The programme is designed for early education professionals
  • Learn about the functional implementations of bringing culture contacs part of the early education plan
  • Learn about the concept called The stream of culture – the structurised culture education
  • The practises of cooperation and the plan of regional accessibility
  • Visits to museums, concert and library services visits
  • Inviting an artist to visit a school
  • A workshop about media education
  • The inspiring model of teaching about the creek culture in early education