An oasis of modern education

Being a university city, Joensuu is a city of students

  • 20,000 students – which is Finland’s top class in relation to the population
  • One-third of the population is under 25 years of age
  • A young and growing city from a European perspective
  • As a result of hundreds of new annual residents, hundreds of new apartments have also been built during the past decade
  • 2018 is the 170th anniversary of the city
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The largest lake district in Europe

  • We are happy to have the cleanest air and water in the world
  • The living habitat is safe and scenic
  • The landscape glows green in forests and blue in water
  • 80% of the area is forests, and there are 778 lakes in the city of Joensuu
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The versatile industry provides extensive business opportunities

  • The city of Joensuu has versatile business structure including strong services, trade sector and a wide range of forestry economics, as a special highlight field
  • Joensuu is proud to have been named the forest capital of Europe
  • Almost one-third of the region’s turnover is in forestry economics
  • In the forestry economy, we have 6000 employees, 600 experts and 500 companies
  • In the city centre, we also have excellent premises of Business Joensuu for many innovations and business development
  • Business Joensuu gathers together close to 40,000 citizens, 125 companies and 2,000 employees working daily
  • Read more from the webpage of Business Joensuu

Joensuu is an entrepreneur friendly city

  • In the area of Joensuu, entrepreneurs are provided with excellent support from many operators
  • Also entrepreneurial education is provided starting at an early age
  • The Science Park Ltd. annually arranges the biggest business idea competition (Start me up) in Finland
  • The competition has grown into a national phenomenon
  • Read more about the entrepreneurial education, and services available from our page Path to the entrepreneurship

World class teaching in all the schools

  • Finland is known for its excellent school achievements and the high educational level of teachers
  • Finland has scored Top Pisa results at all schools in the international rankings
  • In Joensuu, we have the largest teacher education services in Finland
  • We have 5,000 employees in the field of education
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Rich cultural field from basketball to hard rock

  • In addition to the high level of educational competence and scenic surroundings, the region of Joensuu has a living culture field offering a wide range of events annually
  • The active cultural life includes city’s own orchestra and city theater
  • The annual highlight of the summer is a huge music festival called Ilosaarirock
  • Ilosaarirock Festival is an outdoor festival founded in 1971
  • The event takes place at a lakeside close to Joensuu city centre
  • The festival is typically also the best-known fact about the city nationwide
  • The five stages host more than 60 artists, but the area also features other activities as ping-pong games and DJ sets
  • The large camping sites and parking areas are located right next to the festival area, and the distance between visitor’s tent and the stages can be just a few metres

Activities all the way to the international championships

  • Joensuu is the currently the champion of the Finnish national basketball league
  • The biathlon world championship was held in Joensuu in 2015
  • Biathlon Masters International Championships is a series of competitions for biathletes above 35 years old
  • The event takes place in Kontiolahti, 15 km north of the city of Joensuu in the province of North Karelia
  • Biathlon World Cups annually
  • The region has excellent sports and leisure opportunities

Logistically, we are located at convenient connections

  • 5 daily flights, an hour away from the Finnish capital of Helsinki by plane
  • The nearest border crossing point is within an hour by car
  • The border crossing point is open 24/7, while crossed 1.5 million times a year
  • The city can also be reached by boat, as there is a harbour and rivers and lakes that can connect to the sea
  • The region is a very safe habitat and living environment

You are warmly welcome to visit us!

We are more than happy to offer you unforgettable experiences and inspirational new learning possibilities!