Enhanced learning through the use of technology

Introduction to ICT use in Finnish education

The Finnish national core curriculum stands proudly behind the use of educational technology

  • One particular aim of the curricula reform (2014) was to develop the learning environments: Games and other virtual environments should also be recognized more often as learning environments.
  • Technology plays an increasingly significant role in everyday school routines, allowing pupils to be more easily involved in the development and selection of their own learning environments.
  • Discover what type of digital tools we use and how we use them to raise our kids to prosper in the digitalised world of tomorrow.

Technology is a significant element in our learning environments

From daycare services to doctoral studies

Technology is used as one of the several learning elements at each educational stage, starting from early education. The use of technology equipment is pursued step-by-step, as long as its use is learning-enhancing, pedagogically useful and justified.

In early education:

Smart devices are usually used as a part of physical learning or other activities, such as:

  • exploring and photographing nature
  • children making videos of their own role playing
  • motivating training methods for mathematics and reading skills.

At the basic education:

The use of equipment becomes more versatile as the pupils and their skills develop.

  • Technology is a fantastic way to enrich learning, which pupils find highly motivating.
  • When facing learning challenges, technology provides excellent training opportunities and helpful aids that truly help in individual learning.

Coding and robotics with kids

Robotics is a fascinating phenomenon, even with very young children

  • Robots will be a permanent part of future working life.
  • Understanding coding develops one’s thinking skills.
  • The use of robotics has increased in our schools over the past years as expert teachers have spread their knowledge and inspired others.
  • We have robots especially designed also for the use of early education institutes.
  • In schools, robotics courses have been extremely popular.
  • Pupils find the theme highly motivating.
  • Come and see for yourself how we teach kids to programme code from a very early age.
  • Try curriculum-based coding and robotics in everyday school life with us!

Continuous teacher training in ICT

How to maintain teachers’ proficiency in the quickly digitalising world?

  • In the continuous ICT skills education for teachers, an excellent practice has emerged in Joensuu via the Media Center.
  • Media Center employees are also teachers who thoroughly know everyday school life.
  • The aim of the Media Center is to discover current research innovations and digital projects in progress.
  • The Media Center fosters the resulting innovations for schools in the region and takes care of educating teachers on mastering new solutions.
  • It is possible to keep the teachers inspired and their skills updated throughout their career with excellent continuous training.
  • Feel free to have a look at our related course from the list of services.