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Joensuu is the town with the most students in relation to inhabitats in Finland. There is a huge range of education from university to day care pedagogics, forest bioeconomy – and you name it – in a condenced geographical area at the Finnish Lakeland.

EduPark is our network that brings the knowledge from the world-famous Finnish educational sector under one roof. Furthermore, the different organisations from schools and educational institutions to companies work and develop together. Thus, at a glimpse we can offer versatile study and visitor programmes and consultations – either in Joensuu or somewhere else on the planet.

Or actually, in our Epic -process our education has also been partnering with NASA to study how to inhabit the Mars…this was thanks to our flagship company Valamis!

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Key contact persons of EduPark

Primary contacts in all education excellence cases

Due to the fact that several hundred people are currently working on themes promoted by EduPark, we encourage you to contact us first in order to establish the right contacts for your needs. You can contact Auli & Ville in English and Spanish (Finnish, of course, too).

Dr. Auli Leskinen
Development Manager
Business Joensuu Ltd.
email: auli.leskinen[at]
tel: +358 50 4308850
Dr. Ville Nivalainen
Development Manager
City of Joensuu
email: ville.nivalainen[at]
tel: +358 50 4652281

The key contacts of educational institutes

Dr. Liisa Timonen
Head of International Affairs
Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Special interests:

  • strategic internationalisation of higher education and partnership development
  • international development project design and coordination
  • systemic competence development
  • research in diversity and inclusion management and entrepreneurial education
  • participatory teaching and learning in multicultural environment

email: liisa.timonen[at]
tel: +358 50 5913397

Katja Väyrynen
Head of International Vocational Education & Training
North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
email: katja.vayrynen[at]
tel: +358 50 5624685
Anne Karppinen
National Taitaja Competition Director 2019
North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
email: anne.karppinen[at]
tel: +358 50 3598042
  Tommi Anttonen
Principal of Forestry education
North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Special interests:

  • Basic training of skills of mechanised logging and logging machinery
  • Training of experienced logging professionals
  • Training of trainers and supervisors
  • Evaluation of skills / worker profiling

tel: +358 50 5471008

Prof. Jouni Pykäläinen
Head of the School of Forest Sciences
University of Eastern Finland
email: jouni.pykalainen[at]
tel: +358 50 3826094
Mari Argillander
Coordinator of Transnational Education
University of Eastern Finland
Special interests:

  • Virtual team collaboration and team building
  • Organisational development

email: mari.argillander[at]
tel: +358 40 3553850