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Entrepreneurial education

The best ways to guarantee society’s economic wellbeing in the future:

inspire pupils’ entrepreneurial spirit and develop the skills needed 

  • Entrepreneurial education works best in co-operation with companies and businesses.
  • A learner gets an experience from future working life.
  • National curriculum (2014) encourages for using the environments outside the classroom, such as visiting businesses.

The target of entrepreneurial education is to guide and encourage pupils to:

  • learn to identify their own natural and personal strength
  • try new ways of learning
  • develop and strengthen their interaction skills
  • develop their self-directedness and creativity
  • learn about risk taking and responsibility
  • co-operate and learn from others

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The entrepreneurial path in Joensuu

The target is to support pupil’s entrepreneurial growth extensively 

  • Each school and institution has activities that guide students path towards entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial education is provided starting at an early age


Entrepreneurship education at different stages:

Student’s entrepreneur steps by Karelia UAS


Spark Joensuu

Spark Joensuu is a learning environment to boost entrepreneurial skills and establish new companies in collaboration with Riveria, Karelia, UEF and Business Joensuu. Check out at Spark website.

Support for entrepreneurs

Let’s create successful business together 

Business Joensuu Ltd

Activating new innovations 

  • Business Joensuu Ltd. offers high-quality business development services to support company growth in an innovative and developing environment
  • The activities are based on networking of companies, and experts in research organizations
  • The premises are situated near the city center of Joensuu
  • The expert services of the Business Joensuu Ltd. can provide you with the correct tools to develop and boost your business
  • Read more about Business Joensuu Ltd.

Business incubator

  • Business incubator helps you implement your business idea
  • The experts of Business incubator guides your company through the challenging early years onto a path of growth
  • Business incubator helps also with your challenges involving internationalisation and development of your company
  • The incubator co-operates closely with the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences
  • Read more about Business incubator

“Your business idea will be turned into a diamond at the Business Incubator!”

Start me up

  • Business Joensuu Ltd. annually arranges the biggest business idea competition in Finland, called Start Me Up
  • Start Me Up business idea competition has grown into a national phenomenon
  • Being held for the 16th time in 2018, the competition attracted hundreds of business ideas from all around Finland
  • The goal of this competition is to find and reward individuals and companies whose business idea has the potential to generate business in North Karelia
  • The competition has proven to be an exceptionally effective tool
  • Read more about Start me up