Vocational education for over 300 different qualifications


Vocational Education & Training

An education organisation whose main function is to provide qualified vocational education in the county of North Karelia. The mission of the consortium is to develop vocational expertise for the benefit of the region.

“Our vision is to be a respected pioneer in vocational education and training and a desirable partner.” 

  • 8 fields of education
  • over 300 qualification titles
  • Almost 6000 full-time students
  • The total number of personnel is 900
  • Vocational upper secondary qualification include 180 credits
  • Programmes include at least 30 credits of on-the-job training
  • Each year, approximately 1,500 students obtain a vocational qualification through the organisation’s institutes

Through a vocational upper secondary qualification, a student becomes a valued professional.

  • Riveria has been given awards by the Ministry of Education 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 (The Quality Award of vocational education and training)
  • In the National Skills Competition, FinnSkills, Riveria has been among the top performers and educational providers during the years  2003-2016
  • Riveria arranges the national FinnSkills competition in the year 2019 in Joensuu (audience approximately 40,000 per competition)
  • Development of business and commerce are run through various projects
  • Additionally, tailor-made education services are available upon request

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Highly recommended

A couple of world-class learning environments in the selection of Riveria:


Mining and land construction institution

The unique learning environment of the field of Mining and Land Construction

  • The Professional mining institution is a significant part of Finnish mining history
  • The mining education institution was established in 1953 in Outokumpu where it also runs today – continuously developed and modernised
  • There are no other mining education institutions in Finland with such long traditions, strong expertise and training equipment with the latest technology
  • The institution also has a long history of an active co-operation with the business sector and the equipment manufacturers
  • For the mining and land construction industry, the institution arranges training and expert services. The training programmes are tailored individually according to the customer’s needs.
  • The operating environment is not geographically limited, but the equipment used for teaching can be transferred when needed
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Vocational Forestry College Valtimo

Highly respected educator and trainer in the forest machinery sector

Training programme includes training of forestry machine operators, forestry machine mechanics, and timber truck drivers.

  • Education since 1970
  • 250 students
  • 40 staff members
  • 30 forestry machines
  • 4 excavators
  • 4 timber trucks
  • 25 simulators (mechanical and virtual)
  • College  has provided education and training to 3,000 Finnish and 2,000 foreign students.
  • International operation has been significant during the past 25 years as Valtimo College has been in the unique position to deliver education and training courses to all continents except Antarctica.
  • According to the feedback it’s quaranteed: “Every time you visit Valtimo, you learn something new”

Visitors have found Valtimo to be a very useful destination.

  • Visitors have valued especially high the gained experience of equipment observation, technology spaces and simulator rooms.
  • The teaching methods used have been proven to grant a 20% efficiency improvement during harvesting, and in fuel consumption.
  • The methods are also improving the quality control.
  • Education packages are offered both locally and remotely.
  • The packages range from logging manager training and assessment of expertise for forest machine operators to the training for educators in forest machine operation.
  • Duration of the visits can be tailored from one day to six months.
  • The educators of the institution are also offering training services abroad.
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Game development & 3D production education

A unique game training programme nationwide

Choose game development or 3D production for your vocational field in order to become a professional game producer.

  • The study programmes are unique in the field of game education, especially on the level of upper secondary education
  • The amount of annual applications is always several times more than the study places available
  • The programme students are known to be brilliant, especially in the visual production of games
  • The special emphasis of the study programme is on the 3D production & high-quality results of 3D graphic design

The college has excellent connections to business life

  • The students have a possibility to get training placements from successful game companies around the country
  • The college also has active international connections
  • International students can participate in the study programme as the instructions can be offered in English
  • The study plan includes information about entrepreneurship

Feel free to learn more about Game education study programmes

  • You can visit the college premises and get the best tips for the field of game education
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