Early education professionals

Education for becoming experts in early life teaching and care

Early education teacher

We think it is highly important that early education teachers love to play, and are capable of jumping into the children’s world. It is significant that professionals work with a sense of joy, positive energy and a warm heart.

An early education teacher works at daycare centers with children from ages 0-6. In addition to being a professional caregiver, early educationalists are also pedagogical experts in terms of the early years development. Early education teachers are responsible for providing curriculum based and well-structured pedagogical actions.

Pre-primary education is provided as an obligatory education for all children the year they turn 6 years old. An early education teacher or a class teacher are both qualified to work as a professional pre-primary education teacher.

The early education teacher studies can be accomplished through university’s bachelor’s degree (180 credits) or optionally via the bachelor of social services (210 credits) conducted by the university of applied sciences.

Bachelor’s degree in Kindergarten Teacher Education

  • The three-year programme in Kindergarten Teacher Education leads to the Bachelor of Arts (Education) degree with Education as the major subject, especially early childhood education
  • The programme also includes training periods in daycare centers and the students are involved in developing the field of Finnish early education through their studies
  • The programme is an excellent springboard to positions in the vibrant and humane field of early education
  • Arranged by The University of Eastern Finland
  • Read more from the webpage of UEF

Bachelor of Social Services

  • The three-and-a-half-year programme leads students to become experts in the field of social services
  • The students will gain skills to encounter and guide people in different life situations
  • The studies include contents which you will explore from a social pedagogical viewpoint with a hands-on approach
  • Through the programme and its optional study choices, there is also a possibility to obtain the qualification of a kindergarten teacher
  • Arranged by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Practical nurse as a day care expert

A significant co-worker with kindergarten teachers

  • Practical Nurse (180 credits), a three-year study programme leads to a Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care
  • During the first two study years, the students accomplish general studies of the field of social and health care
  • The third semester the students deepen their expertise among the chosen specialist field
  • The nursing students are able to become experts of guiding and supporting children within the daycare services, as a co-worker with kindergarten teachers
  • Arranged by Riveria – The North Karelia municipal education and training consortium