SciFest 2018

Time and place

Starts: 17.05.2018
Ends: 18.05.2018
Place: Joensuu Areena, Finland

SciFest® is an annual international science and technology festival in Joensuu

Extraordinary workshop experiences and discoveries you won’t find in the classroom

SciFest® is a international festival which brings together schoolkids, high school students, and teachers to learn about science, technology and the environment. The festival is free and open to everyone.
The key to SciFest is first-hand experience.  The aim of the festival is to provide innovative solutions for education and the workforce challenges of the future.
SciFest is
  • bringing science to people in fun and engaging ways.
  • the chief element of the festival are workshops, where kids can experiment and try things out for themselves
  • to provide innovative solutions for education.
The previous festivals have had themes ranging from space to biodiversity, chemistry, and water with visitors and contributors from over 50 countries. The 12th SciFest 2018 is themed “Science goes Arts”.  Be part of the creation of the schools of the future!
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