Boosting professionalism

Training experiences of international teachers

New professional value for teachers

A Finnish training company EduKarjala arranges courses for international teachers


”Really nice and unique experience!! Lots of interesting information and tips for new ideas! — All very kind and professional but also talkative, sociable and easygoing people!!!”

”Congratulations for the people involved to course organization, very good exemples of good practice, outstanding work of local educators during day by day educational process”                 

– Participant comments after EduKarjala course week

The course participants in the final ceremony. Photo: EduKarjala


Boosting teachers’ professionalism

EduKarjala has offered courses for international education experts since 2013


A Finnish training company, EduKarjala, is based in the region of Joensuu. The courses have been arranged in cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland, local schools and education experts. The company is specialised in Erasmus+ KA1 courses for education staff members. In the year 2017, EduKarjala had participants from 25 different countries, mainly from Europe.

The quality of education is the reason for international experts to come to Finland. Finnish education has been characterised as the best in the world. According to EduKarjala’s training experience, the word “Finland” is attracting educational visitors, such as teachers, school principals, school administrators and assistants. The course participants are aiming to develop their own professional skills.

The participants have found the courses highly useful. Many of the participants have returned to Joensuu, or the same school has sent new visitors. As a positive example, a small Irish school sent participants to EduKarjala courses five different times.

The course participants visiting the inspiring premises of the Yhteiskoulu school, Joensuu, Finland


When arranging the training programmes, the quality plan is being followed. Every participant is also asked for a course evaluation after the training is completed. The main targets are high-quality training and satisfied customers. it is important that the training is of high quality, and is well-organised. It has to offer what is advertised.

The most popular training services are courses related to special needs education, the Finnish education system and leadership. Also, the course called “new learning environment” has been one of the key courses within the training history of EduKarjala.

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