Creating global pupils

Active international cooperation in Mutala school

Creating global pupils

Active international cooperation in Mutala school


Finnish basic education is a subject of constant international interest. In the region of Joensuu, one of the most active primary schools in international cooperation is Mutala School.

Mutala School has students from 1st to 6th grades (7-12 years). The school has many international and domestic projects going on. An example of one domestic project is the ”Finnish Schools on the Move,” which aims to establish a physically active culture in Finnish comprehensive schools and positive psychology.

International teacher trainees in Mutala school. Photo: Mutala school.


International networking

Mutala School is a part of the UN School Network. Besides being a local school, Mutala School has extended its teaching and know-how towards a more international direction: it has a firm cooperation with the Erasmus programme, and the school continuously hosts international teacher trainees and teacher exchange students working and studying there.

The staff of the Mutala School is actively developing and participating in international projects and courses. Teachers are also trained abroad by the Erasmus + KA1 projects. In addition, Mutala School has Canada-Finland -, Job Shadowers -, Erasmus+KA2 and Japanese Cultural Ambassadors -projects going on.


”It’s clear to me now why Finland has perhaps the best education in the world.”

Joep, Belgium 2016

”At Mutala Koulu I saw in action the positive pedagogy that I studied in my university books and I saw methods implemented that I had never seen in Greece before. I observed that teachers treated all students with equality and by using a variety of activities and games made the learning process more fun.”

Korina, Greece 2017

Belgian teacher trainee Joep and his project. Photo: Mutala school.


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