Studying primary education

Young Namibian developers in Finland

Young teachers want to develop education in Namibia

A teacher group is studying in Finland

Written by Sari Havu-Nuutinen, Professor, Educational science (early years education), University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland is carrying out the commissioned master’s degree program for 25 Namibian teachers. Young teachers, Anna Krista, Wisillyzeonlika, Taimi, Letisia and Iyaloo belongs to the group. They have short experience as the teachers in Namibia, and they have decided to study in Finland.

– Namibia needs teachers trained at master level. Finland has acknowledged education and we have familiarity from the history. It is nice to learn in and about Finland. We would not have gone to other countries, girls think.

Studying in Finland has encouraged young teachers to develop their own teaching but school work in general as well.

– We need to focus on punctuality and collaboration in Namibia. In addition, teacher education should be restructured to increase quality and value of teachers’ work. We should follow the Finnish idea of research-based teacher education, students ponder together.

“The student group is our power here in Finland. We can share the experience of studying and we will work together to develop Namibian education.”


The girls have decided to develop their own country. They want to go back and work in Namibia to strengthen its education. The girls have selected urgent topics to conduct their research work for thesis. Especially curriculum development has seen significant area.

– Teachers’ involvement in curriculum is crucial. It is a way how we can increase the teachers’ impact for educational reforms, young teachers state


Lifelong learning as a part of a teacher’s profession

Namibian teacher’s experiences from Finland 

“Studying in Finland has shown me that studying is part of lifelong learning. I really want to develop education to make it more research based. I’m working as early childhood education teacher and I would like to influence on it. In future, I could work in the governmental level. I hope to have opportunities to teach other teachers.”

“Namibia is my country. We have been taught how Finns have worked for us. Other have done their part, now it’s our turn.”

Wisillyzeonlika, 26-year-old early childhood education teacher

Namibian and Finnish universities to expand co-operation

News/University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the University of Namibia (UNAM) have previously concluded an agreement to enhance collaboration in the fields of educational sciences, health sciences, natural resources governance, and social sciences. The two universities have a long history of collaboration in forest sciences, and in historical and geographical studies, among other disciplines.

Now there is an interest to expand the co-operation. In May 2018, a delegation from the UNAM, visited the UEF to discuss new opportunities for cooperation between the universities. The objectives of future collaboration include, for instance, the development of mentoring practices for Namibian teachers and academic administrators trained in Finland.

Namibians visiting the University of Eastern Finland in spring 2018. Photo/UEF


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