Finland’s best school food in Joensuu

Finland’s best school food is prepared in Joensuu

The school of Eno won the national school food competition

Finland is well known for its free and healthy school meals. Carefully planned school meals have been in the central part of the Finnish food culture. Many of other national success stories have been made possible thanks to the education and school meal system.

The aim of the national school food competition is to emphasise the importance of free school meals. The finals of the competition were held in Helsinki in March 2018. The challenge is to produce high-quality meat and vegetarian food at minimum cost.

The winner of the competition is the school of Eno, from the region of Joensuu. The winner school meal menu included paella with chicken and chickpea paste, for instance.

The winner team from the Eno school team, was presenting the winning school meal menu for Italians. Photo: Jenni Meronen


Mamma mia!

Introducing Finnish school food for Italians

As a prize of the competition, the winner team got to travel to Rome. Part of the trip was to introduce the winner menu to the Italian journalists and food bloggers. Italians found the school meal highly interesting.

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