School camp for 200 Chinese pupils in August

200 Chinese pupils with their teachers will arrive to Joensuu and Kontiolahti for a high quality school camp lasting for one week in August. The pupils will enjoy the Finnish curriculum and school system together with Finnish pupils in addition to the cultural experiences throughout the week. Learning activities are partly done at school but the pupils will experience out-of-the-classroom learning in the pure and safe Finnish nature. Their teachers will also reflect and understand how the nature can be used as a learning environment.

The partners in this project are the City of Joensuu, City of Kontiolahti, Riveria, VisitKarelia and Go-Nordic. The two collaborating cities are responsible of building the contents for school days. The role of Riveria is to build suitable evening activities for the pupils and VisitKarelia has been in a key role in forming the offer for the guests. The Chinese customers considered carefully the destination in between of USA, Canada and various Finnish locations but eventually the content and services provided by EduPark members were the most suitable for them.

We will welcome our guests to Joensuu and Kontiolahti!

Read about the camp in a more detail in Finnish on City of Joensuu news